Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Many of us equate core strength with a flat belly or six-pack abs. And while those may be motivating goals for you, there are so many more benefits that you can enjoy from improving core strength. So it is much beyond how your mid section looks, such as improved posture, better balance, reduced back pain and easier breathing.

However, many people don't know where exactly the core is located but if you point to somewhere near your navel, you are partially correct. Many people think that the core consists only of the abdominals, nonetheless the core also includes your pelvic muscles, mid and lower back muscles, and even your hip muscles. All of these work together to support your spine and skull.

You might ask yourself how your core benefits your body so think of your core as a muscular corset that stabilizes your entire body, helping to give you a center of gravity whether you are at rest or moving your limbs. You draw upon your core strength whether you walk, sit, exercise or perform pretty much any activity. Because many of your body's movements originate from your core, working toward improving its strength will enhance your posture, spinal alignment, stability and much more. Researchers continue to study the various ways core strength improves our health and well-being.

So now comes the question, "how can you build core strength?" Core work is different from strength as there are training programs that isolate a single muscle group. Instead, they challenge as many muscles as possible in integrated and coordinated movements. Core moves should engage your entire body, from head to toe. For aged people, I would suggest starting with yoga and pilates or isometric exercises such as the plank and bridge pose.

The diet must be clean and healthy irrelevant of what your goal is. Our diet is an essential factor that keeps our body fit and healthy. I will be discussing why a diet varies from person to person and highlight some vital aspects of it in the following post.

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